Making Smarter Lifestyle Choices is the Only Way to Ensure Your Excess Pounds Don’t Come Back

Ideal Protein will Teach You How

Studies show 80% of dieters are do-it-yourselfers, enjoying short term success for a life long problem. Short term weight loss is a victory, but your ultimate triumph comes from keeping the weight off after dieting. To do this, you must go beyond weight loss and gain an understanding of how and why you gain weight in order to achieve and then maintain a balanced weight.

Contact us today and ask about your initial Weight Loss Assessment. Our medically developed diet protocol can be tailored to just about any individual, regardless of your weight loss goals

All the POWER you need to lose weight exists inside you.

Ideal Protein’s medically developed weight loss protocol gives dieters what they really want, a structured plan that empowers you with the knowledge to put an end to constant dieting. Our dieters learn to eat smarter, in order to sustain lifestyle changes that will assist them in achieving and maintaining better well being.

  • Burn fat while supporting muscle mass;
  • Learn when, why and in what combination to eat carbohydrates (sugars), fats, and proteins;
  • Expert guidance and professional support under the tutelage of your personal weight loss coach;
  • Losing weight can improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels and reduce blood pressure;
  • and more.

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